Casey Veggies - I Love Me Some You (Da Chron Future Screw Edit) (Life Changes)

by Da Chron

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I love me some you (say it one more time)
I love me some you
I love me some you (I love me some you)
I love me some you (I love me some you)

[Verse 1]
I love me some you, I be riding coupe
I be rapping my life, show you how I do
I just keep around, I need something chew,
Is she really rockin’, guess I never knew,
Or I never know, till we live and grow,
Tried to chain, but if you see I through,
She say I’m a rebel, I’m just on my level
You deserve a medal, I just want you to feel special,
I love me some you, this ain’t nothing new
Guess I shouldn't work, I know we'll be cool,
I don't never talk, she don’t never tell,
I don’t never listen, she don’t never hear.


[Verse 2]
I love me some you, but trust at least a few
If I would go to school, I can be with you,
You know I’ve been playing, I like joking too,
How far can it go? I’ll always let it show,
Sometimes we try too hard, I should just let it go,
You wanna go for what, just let me open up,
My thoughts be bottled in, I need to cough it up,
Panamanian girl, with you eyes to the world,
Yeah you’re so precious, I shouldn’t be so reckless,
When dealing with your heart, should handle that we care,
Ain’t like them regular ballers and girl I’m doing something new,
They always got something to say, we ain’t doing you.


What I tell you shouldn’t make you different
You should respect the fact that I made it livin’ yeah
What I tell you shouldn’t make you different
In the first place I already made you feel me.

[Verse 3]
Yeah, I love me some you, just keep me in the loop,
Even if it hurtin’ just tell me the truth,
Had to take a pause just like an interlude
Then get you in the nude, this what I dream to do,
Yeah you so precious and that ain't no extras
I like your whole text, just a young boy and my fam from Texas,
Where we could go when we get old,
And our kids can know, I love me some you



Yeah, yeah
Ladies and gentlemen
It’s so special, so special.

I love me some you
I love me, I love me some you


released April 1, 2013
Casey Veggies, Da Chron, SubxChronic



all rights reserved


SubxChronic Austin, Texas

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